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The Canopy Artist Rendering
The Canopy Artist Rendering

The City of Orlando announced, “The Canopy,” the latest iteration of the urban gathering space formerly known as the Under-I Project.

The official name of the project is another step forward in the development of this unique hub and came about through the most recent design exercise incorporating feedback from the city’s online survey and public meetings in the fall of 2023.

The name, The Canopy, was inspired by the newly updated design which blends nature and technology, drawing inspiration from Orlando’s beautiful canopy of trees, to create a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable urban oasis that reflects the spirit of downtown Orlando, connects its diverse neighborhoods and fosters a sense of belonging for all.

As part of the new design, the city will also pilot a temporary rideshare zone and parking concept in the Pine Street and Central Boulevard area. The pilot will include the installation of approximately 150 temporary, public parking spaces that can be utilized for both short-term parking and ride share services.