Sun Burst


Charles de Lint once wrote, “You can’t stand up to the night until you understand what’s hiding in its shadows.” I’ve made many videos about the History of Orlando and my historic downtown, but I’ve never covered the mysteries hiding in the dark. That’s why I decided to join Eric my guide from US Ghost Adventures to see for myself what stories unfold under the cover of darkness in downtown Orlando.
[Eric] Hi! I’m Eric with US Ghost Tour Adventures and I want you to go on a ghost tour with me!

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My tour with Eric from US Ghost Adventures began in front of the Orange County Regional History Center located in the heart of downtown Orlando.

The History Center was the 6th official courthouse built for Orlando and designed by Murry S. King, Florida’s first registered architect and Orlando resident. Designed in the Beaux Arts style in 1927, Eric had quite a few things to say about the people brought up on trial at the courthouse, including one chilling discovery inside.

This was just the introduction to our tour in downtown Orlando. We were all anxious at what other chilling stories we would discover with Eric as our ghost host.

Next up we visited the Angebilt Hotel which hides a little-known secret about downtown Orlando.

The Angebilt Hotel was the dream of Joseph Fenner Ange and calamity seemed to befall the hotel from the beginning. Fires, floods and a severe storm which blew away the upper garden deck along with the hotel guests who were never seen again is etched in the hotel’s history. As the line from the famous song says…